Prambanan Temple : Ramayana Ballet Tickets

Prambanan Temple is one of the must-see sights if being come to jogja. Is thereanything in the prambanan Temple? How much is ticket entry? He said there was aDance of Ramayana? Quiet, here I will provide information about tourist attractionson this one.

Is there anything in the prambanan Temple?
Yes there is definitely Temple dong, but ga is just that course. In the tourist complex of prambanan temple we can see various relief depicting events at the amsa asprambanan Temple was made. But calm, we ga confused to read such relief. We need is their imagination.

How much is ticket entry
For different entry tickets :
1. for the WNI adult Rp. 30000 and $18 USD for FOREIGN NATIONAL

2. for INDONESIAN children Rp 12500 and $9 USD for FOREIGN NATIONAL

Cheap right? For the opening hours of prambanan it starting at 06.00 – 17.00 but forthose of you who came at the time of Ramayana ballet performance, you can stillenter using a ticket that you purchase the next morning.

He said there was a Dance of Ramayana?
The Ramayana dance held on the full moon night of each month at 20:00  22:00. At the time, was termed Ramayana ballet performance at the open stage of the thirdTemple on the Trine God who highlighted the lights. Show in this outdoor stage is only done at the time of the dry season, whereas in the rainy season, the show movedto the stage.