Snorkling : Beach Nglambor

Nglambor Beach which is located in the village of Purwodadi, Babbler, Gunung Kidul is the place to Snorkel in Yogyakarta's most famous if compared to other places. Is approximately 70 km from the center of Jogja city, this beach offers panoramic views of the beautiful beach. There are two large rock resembling the turtles right in front of the Bay.

Its crystal clear water make the visitors could freely see coral, seaweed, fish with different color chasing each other, and various other sea dwellers biota from the surface of the water. The visitors can snorkel and swim at the beach without having to worry about scroll by a huge wave because it is its location on the Gulf. Reasonable if not only local tourists who come, but foreign tourists such as those from Singapore, France and the Netherlands.

The beach of Nglambor is open 24 hours, but that obviously is not very rekomended nights come there because there is no lodging. The entrance ticket price is Rp. 5000.0 per person including a motor vehicle parking fees will be drawn retibrusi on the post enter Siung beach.


- Hotel

If you are coming from out of town and just arrived in Gunung Kidul Wonosari afternoon or evening, you'd better stay in the hotel in the City Centre School because there is nothing like Indrayanti Beach which is already well managed by private parties so that you will not find lodging there. The morning after dawn then began leaving for the beach Nglambor. So we recommend that you search for hotels in Wonosari city because in addition to inexpensive, we can more freely looking for dinner with a more affordable price.

- Toilet

So is the toilet or public toilets, you can only take in the home of the only citizens who live on the shore by giving some donation to the landlord.

- The Parking Lot

The parking lot at the beach reserved only for motorcycles because the access road entrance to the beach Nglambor from the road asphalt yet allows for skipping the car. So if you come to it carries cars, then you have to park on the roadside leading to the entrance to the beach. After that you have to ride with taxi takes about 15 minutes.

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