Yogyakarta Beach : Parangtritis Queen of the South Beach

Parangtritis? Scary? Who says? parangtritis beach is the best tourism places to enjoy the sunset while having fun conquer the dunes with ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) or walking along the beach with hansom in the romantic sunset.
Moreover, if go here along with lover. Certainly it would be very romantic, coupled with the sunset when the afternoon will add to the romance.

For admission and tariffs at Parangtritis Beach

Admission us Rp.3000/person
The rate of incoming motor Rp. 1000/motor
Car tariff of Rp. 5000/cars
Motorcycle parking tariff of Rp, 2000/motor
Car parking rate of Rp. 5,000/cars
ATV rental rates of Rp. 50000/15 minutes
Horse fare of Rp. 20000 for the 1st time round

Following a sighting there in parangtritis Beach

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